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Dott. Giuseppe Bellinvia


He graduated in Dentistry and Dental Implants in 1985. He performs his activity at his own studio in Florence since 1988, devoting himself to his freelance work. His practice focuses on aesthetic prosthesis, periodontal surgery and dental implants.

He is constantly improving his surgical technique with the use of innovative protocols rated as lower invasiveness for rapid recovery of the patient. He specialized, for example, in the immediate load implants that allow to realize the dental implant and the relative prosthesis (permanent or temporary) consecutive within the same surgical session, or in 'implantology computer assisted with a flapless technique that, without having to cut or to open the gums, further reduces, almost canceling the surgical trauma and postoperative pain.

In this regard, he attended specialization courses and he is updating constantly with lessons taught by the best specialists, Italians and foreigners, among whom were those held by prof. M. Degidi on Ankylos Tissue Care ® implant system or on the technique with intraoral laser welder (sincristallizatrice) to enhance further immediate loading, shortening recovery time.

Since 1994 he is also interested in postural problems associated with malocclusion of the dental arches. In this regard shall be advised of osteopaths, podiatrists and experts in cranio-sacral therapy and attended specialization courses with prof. J. Shafer (leading expert in the field of Applied Kinesiology) and Dr. A. Pelosi and Dr. A. Caronti, consultants in the CONI(Italian Olympic Committee) and FISI (Italian Federation of winter sports).

Dott.ssa Cinzia Cascio

Dental hygienist

Born in Florence in 1978 she graduated in Dental Hygiene at the University of Siena. Actively collaborates with the office since 2005. She promotes the prevention of oral diseases and the maintenance of dental hygiene in children and adults.

Laura Crosara

Dental assistant

Joined the office in 2005, working with professionalism both assisting the dentist, and the organization of the office, which is also RSL. She has attended several training courses both medical and managerial skills. She manages relationships with patients and is responsible for external relations.

Valentina Nencioni

Dental assistant

She has attended numerous training courses for dental assisting, and works closely with the office since 2007.