Dental Practice Dott. Giuseppe Bellinvia

The studio is equipped to solve all the needs of our patients, from the Hygiene and Prevention to implant Surgery.

Via del Campofiore, 52 50136 - Firenze (FI)
Tel. 055-667676
Fax : 055662035

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We will offer you a high quality service and we do it with courtesy and professionalism. Dr. Bellinvia Studio is equipped with a cutting-edge technological equipment.

Our mission is to ensure that all services offered to our patients are marked by minimal invasiveness, or rapidity in solving problems with the least possible trauma to a greater well-being of the patient and for a speedy recovery.

We invite patients who come for the first appointment to download and fill out the forms below at home, which contain information about your health status, medications taken regularly, the pre-existing conditions and everything you believe to be important to communicate to the specialist.

Filling in the forms before going to the consultation, saves time and avoid forgetting important clinical information, which could be forgotten. According to medical records, and instrumental tests on the findings during the dental visit, Dr. Bellinvia communicates the diagnosis and treatment plan most appropriate for the patient. Before proceeding, the specialist will make you aware of all aspects of the proposed treatments. The staff is available to the patient for each information needed on the services of the Studio