Implantology is a set of surgical techniques aiming at the functional and aesthetical rehabilitation of a patient affected by partial or total edentulism, by using dental implants.

Dr. Bellinvia has always carried out implantology with a high success rate (well over 98%), constantly keeping up to date with specialisation courses on new national and international protocol and pursuing the least invasive surgery, aiming at:

• Maximum aesthetic results
• Qualitative excellence thanks to the Dentsply implants used (
• Possibility of positioning the teeth during the same sitting
• Rapid surgery and recovery
• Post-operation pain and trauma reduction
Implantology is a discipline, developed in the second half of the last century , in which implants, or rather artificial roots are inserted into the mandibular or maxillary bone to replace teeth. The implants are screws made of medical titanium, a 100% biocompatible material which will not be rejected or cause inflammation or allergic reactions. They are of different size and shape to best adapt to the patient’s anatomy and thus guarantee stability. Any possible failure, which is however rare, depends, therefore, on other factors which have nothing to do with the rejection of a foreign body degli impianti negli alveoli post-estrattivi. The type of intervention is planned after a careful examination with the aid of X-rays. The implants are inserted under local anaesthetic, therefore without any pain, and, where possible, there is just a minimal incision into the gingival mucous (flap-less technique). If extraction is required it is done at the same sitting and the implants are inserted directly into the alveolus immediately after extraction. The stump (abutment) will be screwed directly onto the implant screw, which substitutes the root of the tooth and which provides the support for the prosthetic tooth (crown). Each case must be assessed carefully by means of a thorough check up including all the tests required for the dentist to decide with the patient, which solution is best. It is important to highlight that each patient is an individual case and it is impossible to generalize. For this very reason we are convinced that it is impossible to use one sole implantation method and therefore, in our surgery, we use numerous implantation methods which enable us to position the most suitable implant for each individual adapting the implant to the patient’s anatomy.

Deferred load osseointegrated implantology

consists of inserting one or more titanium implants into the bone, which, after a recovery period of about 3 or 4 months required for perfect bone-integration (forming new bone tissue around the implant) requires the positioning of a stump on the implant which is used as a support for the prosthesis.

Post-extraction implantology

consists of inserting the implant, of a suitable diameter, into the hole which remains after the tooth is extracted. Synthetic bone is inserted to fill any spaces left after extraction in order to obtain perfect adherence.

Computer assisted implantology

with flapless technique provides, with the aid of a dental CT (Dentalscan) and specific software, the possibility to reconstruct a perfect three dimensional model which reproduces exactly the anatomy and morphology of the jaw. The 3D model of the patient’s mouth enables the dentist to elaborate the implant-prosthesis treatment plan with great precision and allows him to simulate the exact operation on the computer, deciding with upmost precision where to insert the implants. At this point the dentist sends the information obtained to the company that produces the prosthesis and on the basis of the superimposed images (mouth anatomy and prosthesis to be inserted) a surgical template is made.

This type of “template” guides the dentist during the insertion of the implant to have even faster and less invasive operations. The guide holes of the template, in fact, avoid cuts and incisions in the gums and mean that no stiches are required. It is for this reason it is called Flap-less as there is no need to open a flap in the gums to insert the implant into the bone. There is no need for stiches, as there are no cuts, therefore the patient, in most cases, feels no pain or swelling and can immediately return to his normal life regaining his smile. Moreover, following this protocol, if there are conditions for immediately loading the implants, it is possible to prepare provisional teeth before surgery and immediately load the implants.

Immediate load implantology

is a minimally invasive method, which means times are reduced and that it is possible to restore complete masticatory and aesthetic functioning during the same surgical sitting. Dr. Bellinvia uses immediate load electro welded implantology protocol which, thanks to the use of the intraoral circumferential syncrystallizer the dentist is able to to solder the implant obtaining a very stable implant structure in the intraopertive phase. With this technique the patient avoids any inconvenience of being without teeth or having provisional removable teeth, without even considering the inevitable advantage of eliminating almost completely any discomforts of surgery (swelling, bleeding) and all without any pain.