Giuseppe Bellinvia dental practice specializations

The Dental Office of Dr. Giuseppe Bellinvia looks after the health and welfare of your teeth. Our dental practice in Florence offers to its clients a wide range of services, supported by numerous medical specialties achieved over time. Dr. Bellinvia has attended several courses to perfect their technique, by updating about the fabrication of prosthesis and the problems inherent to dental implants. If you are looking for a dentist in Florence who specializes in resolving postural problems associated with malocclusion of the dental arches, requesting our advice you can get an effective and highly qualified service. Another feature that characterizes specifically our dental office in Florence is the relationship of trust we have with patients, who can be assured of confidentiality and professionalism with which they will be treated.
Among the services that we carry are prevention and oral hygiene, professional laser whitening and physical examination of the posture.

We create innovative implant protocols, validated by the scientific community and considered of less invasiveness. We are also experts in endodontic and operate using precision and advanced instruments .

We deal also of aesthetic prosthesis (veneers, crowns), periodontics (gum disease care, periodontal disease care) and conservative dentistry (fillings, inlays, amalgam removal, composite aesthetic reconstruction) With the passage of time, we have become a point of reference for medical non-invasive radiofrequency.

Our studio has a medical electrical equipment of the Medical Dermal and a device MED-RF to intervene effectively on wrinkles, laxity and sagging skin, acne scars.

You can also opt for a loan 0% interest because the firm Bellinvia has an agreement with first-class financial companies. In this case the firm will take charge of the interest, at no additional cost for the patient.