For the diagnosis and dental treatment, Studio Bellinvia uses modern equipment:

Laser: is used in a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from tooth whitening to different directions in periodontics, restorative procedures, endodontics, peri-implant therapy, conservative and surgical techniques, and simplifies the surgical procedures in a gentle, effective, and not painful way. The studio is equipped with the GENTLEray 980 Premium ® – Soft Tissue Diode Laser, characterized by great versatility of use, maximum efficiency in cutting even at low levels of power, guaranteed by the system “Burst mode” (for a much reduced intake of heat to the tissues)..
Laser diode - 980 GENTLEray Premium ® - Soft Tissue Diode Laser
- High precision in surgery and in the management of soft tissue
- Minimum bleeding, and better visibility of the surgical site
- Reduced scar formation
- Virtually absent pain in the postoperative wound, no swelling
- Decontamination of the irradiated tissue
- Effective protection from infections
ISQ Osstell
it is an instrument which, based on the Analysis of Resonance Frequency, measures the ratio of primary stability of implants at the time of the insertion and the suitability of loading the same. This measurement, identifying the potential problems of a too early load, minimizes failures. This tool is important also to detect and to determine the healing time and to monitor over time the performance of the implants.
Dental Spectrophotometer
is an instrument based on the emission of polarized light that is able to scientifically assess the exact values of brightness, chroma and hue of the tooth providing a complete and reliable mapping of the entire tooth surface.
The physician will then be able to give information of extreme precision the technician who will perform the prosthetic. The Spectrophotometer SpectroShade ® is a diagnostic tool totally non-invasive and not at all painful. The patient only has to open his mouth as much as possible while the doctor gently presses the instrument on the tooth.

- Detects the color of the front teeth.
- Indicates and compares the color of the tooth with all the colors of the market scales.
- Sees areas of color vision in both globally and in specific areas: the cervical third, middle third and incisal third.
- Performs detailed analysis, in every area of the tooth due to over 2,000,000 points of reading.
- Provides useful information to the doctor in conservative restorations.
- Ideal tool in communication "studio-workshop" because it provides dental information for the realization of the prosthetic.
- Indicates the areas of transparency, translucency and value distribution.
- Allows the technician extra oral verification of the prosthetic device, thanks to the appropriate mouth simulator.
- Compares the results pre and post whitening treatment.
Sincristallizatrice a circumferential sintering is a very modern intraoral welder of Dentsply ®, which is used in the immediate load implantology. The sincristalizzatrice after inserting the implants needed, allows the doctor to solidification of the same by the intraoral placement of a titanium bar. The bar is soldered to the implants ensuring a prosthetic structure very stable. This is followed by cementation of fixed provisional prepared earlier. After a quick intervention, therefore, the patient can resume normal masticatory function and aesthetics, all in the absence of bruising, pain and swelling.
Sterilization zone autoclaves and bagging machine
An autoclave is a device that allows you to sterilize all instruments which come into contact with the patient's mouth. The autoclave in Bellinvia Studio is of excellent quality. (Europe B Tecno-gaz). Sterilization cycles are documented by the press of a mark attesting to the effective implementation of sterilization after the transaction.

Bagging machine serves to envelop the tools before the cycle in autoclave: thus it is able to further ensure the sterility of the instrument in the sterilization cycle occurred. The instrument is extracted from its envelope just in front of each patient to the advantage of safety and maximum hygiene.
Computerized postural Platform POSTURE 2000 ®
It is a postural stabilometric platform, accompanied by a PC software, which allows you to record changes in the projection of the center of gravity of the subject under static conditions (standing and at rest), and then to evaluate the 'orthostatic balance of the patient. In addition this platform, which is equipped with six load cells, in addition to the normal static examination, otherwise most of the stabilometric platforms in trade, POSTURE2000 has a vibration mechanism allows recording also dynamic. The doctor has provided a tool with which to analyze scientific and accurate and to better interpret the causes of dental disease at the base of malocclusions and postural problems.
Digital radiography
at Studio Bellinvia you can make X-rays with low emissions and high definition. Thanks to a sensor connected to the computer , it can display the X-ray image in real time on the screen.
Management Software
the management of the studio is fully computerized. Agenda, annotations, patient records, x-rays, intraoral filming, they are all run by computers. Each data is stored and traceable in a few seconds. Ergonomic chair is installed with a monitor that allows doctor to explain to the patient directly and clearly and exhaustively the therapies offered by the physician and the process of the treatment plan. The patient can view all the treatments carried out, view X-rays, photographs or animations and comment on them "live", asking his doctor clarification of the case.
The intraoral camera
is an optical device for dental use, which allows the doctor to take photographs or videos through the inside of the oral cavity and displays it on an external monitor, where the original image is enlarged considerably (in the order of 40 - 60 times). This tool facilitates the diagnosis, to collect and historicize the information as it advances the treatment plan, but also ensures better communication between doctor and patient, since it is easier to provide it with an explanation of action to be pursued (obtaining at the same time the patient's opinions on the various treatment options). Clear, sharp images and greatly enlarged, thus facilitating the understanding by the patient of the therapies that his doctor offers, making them aware of their state of dental health.